A new year – another chance

After a 2014 which despite some artistic highs was mainly filled with drama of the negative sort (disaster at Viva and traffic accidents) 2015 is shaping up to be an exciting year.

I have become more involved with the Amade Players and am looking forward to taking part in several concerts exploring ‘Forgotten Vienna’. Do visit their homepage and support the recording of this interesting repertoire - http://www.amadeplayers.com/index.php

The Akenside Players are exploring string trios from the early classical period. Our first appearance with this repertoire will be at Handel House and performances are planned for Leeds and Denmark.

The spring will see me quite busy with choral gigs and I am also finally ready to get back into my research. I am looking forward to a productive year.

News about my work with Due Corde and Dei Gratia will be coming in the next few weeks if all works out.

New website!

My website is undergoing a major overhaul at the moment…

Do bear with us as changes and/or improvements are still being made… it’s like moving into a new home. :-)

I cannot wait to be able to share my ongoing project with you all with much greater ease.

Your feedback is most welcomed!


northeasttour-026 So finally after yet another long break I am back on my blog. The past month have alternated between being of ‘no particular interest’ (so not worth writing about) and so interesting and busy that I did not have the time ;) . The summer month was a time to move a little slower, enjoy some music and attempt to sort out various things.

In July my duo Due Corde went to the Northeast. We had a great time performing among other things at Gibside chapel as well as in Hexam, Gateshead and Newcastle. The programs mixed eighteenth century sonatas and duos with arrangements for traditional tunes. Amelie had done some really interesting research into Shield – a local composer who ended up being very successful in London – and we were able to perform quite a few of his pieces. It was my first trip to this part of the country and I really enjoyed it. Hope we will have a chance to come back.

northeasttour-032 The rest of the summer was much about the Proms. When we returned from the tour the season had already begun. As in previous years I worked as a steward at the RCM which hosted the pre-concert talks (Proms Plus). It was a real treat to be paid to listen to interesting talks about music – and then to run across the street to join the line when possible. I ended up attending a good variety of concerts with such varied ensembles as: OAE, Gabrieli Consort and Players, Orchestra of the Mariinsky Theater, BBC Symphony and many others. I was also lucky to get a ticket to the famous Last Night – a real party and a great way to end a good summer.

This week college has started again. The Fall term is shaping up to be really exciting. Due Corde will appear 3 times at the National Gallery (twice as background music and once in a recital). In addition a variety of college projects will be happening. It is going to be very busy but also really inspiring. I hope to be able to report on it all.

A Christmas to remember

crazy-winter-2010-025 After two Messiah perfomance in London I was ready to fly back to Denmark for Christmas. I was fortunate to get out on time. That very day the weather turned chilly – we did have quite a delay due to fog but we arrived safely in Copenhagen where I had a chance to spend a few days christmas shopping and visiting friends.

Our trip back to Bornholm was delayed due to the threat of snow storm but we made it in the end. However the strom did arrive on the 22nd in the evening. I just made it home from a visti in Rønne before it turned absolutely nasty. Soon all major roads were closed by snow. The average depth was 1.35m. After a week diggers arrived from the rest of Denmark to help and by New Years eve we were finally able to get almost anywhere we wished – that is if we had had a car. The busses only started running after a normal schedule on 3.1.

crazy-winter-2010-059 The snow did have it’s merits. Apart from being just beautiful I had another chance to go cross country skiing while the roads were not completely cleared and covered in ugly salt. Otherwise I enjoyed the cast iron stove and worked on various promotio material for the website and Due Corde. Visits to friends were canceled but the phone was used quite a bit and with much work done on the computer I am ready for another term with studies, students, performances and everything else.

2010 – looking back

2nd-half-2010-029 The second half of 2010 ended up being rather overshadowed by the IPS submission and the following Viva – that is the process of upgrade in the DMus program at the RCM. I spent much of the early summer revising and submitted in mid July. I then had to wait til mid October for the Viva. Finally by the end of October I had word that I had passed and by mid-November all formalities were in place. I did not have a chance to have any tutorials in the fall-term. On the other hand I now have them saved for 2011!

But of course there were other things going on. Most importantly Due Corde went on tour to Denmark. In one week we presented 4 concerts on Bornholm to fantastic audiences in very different venues: Ny kirke, Ibs kirke, Sct. Nikolai kirke Rønne and Østermarie kirke. I do hope we get at chance to return in the future. We also had time to relax both in Copenhagen and on Bornholm.

In November Due Corde performed in the Old Royal Naval College Chapel as part of the Greenwich Early Music Festival and Exhibition. It was good to be back performing in this fantastic venue. We had quite a susbstancial audience and a fun program to present to them. The recital was recorded professionally – hopefully I will be able to listen to the results soon. I had a chance to walk around the exhibition after the concert and chat to friends I had not seen for a very long time.

An interesting week

vandashot01 Due Corde just won the Trinity College of Music Early Music Competition.
For the first time the competition had a prelim and final round and with exam times coming up the timing was not the best. But even so we had fun and were able to bring across the passion, fun and madness of Corelli and Castrucci. Next up are finals, an audition and another competition… and of course the rest of life ;-)

The last week has been really exiting and varied. In total I had the opportunity to play in two competitions this week.
The most important aspect of a competition is really the preparations which creates progress – winning can then be seen as approval of the work that has gone that has been done in the practise room.

Towards an IPS

spring-celebration-022 Two years – it seems like a long time but suddenly they have almost passed by. In less than two month I have to submit my IPS towards an upgrade to ‘full registration’ on the DMus course. Between now and then I also have to play in 3 competitions, an audition and a friends final exam. But I have also had time for other pursuits. I recently invested in a new camera and took the opportunity to document the spring around the city. It is fantastic to have the means to do this kind of thing again. The IPS (Initial Period of Study) report is coming together well. I have had very positive comments from my tutors so now it is down to polishing the writing and adding graphics, musical examples so so on.

spring-celebration-004 After a very quite April the performing side of my life is picking up again. Little by little I learn to set boundaries and manage the opportunities which come my way. I am still working on a way of managing the huge repertoire required for my final dissertation (some 36 sonatas) but I am sure that I will find a way to manage this challenge. I just need to start at one end…

A little update

picture_006 For the longest time I have been without pictures of recent performance. However a good friend was able to take some pictures at a concert at the RCM Museum of Instruments. It was actually quite a fun concert to put together though hectic. I ended up really loving the trio sonata by Pugnani – he was not at all a bad composer. My life at present seems to consists of patches of calm interchanged with weeks of frentic activity. One thing is for sure – life is never boring.

At present I am preparing for another recital in the RCM Museum as well as a few other gigs and a trip home to Copenhagen in two weeks time. I will report here once all these events have taken place.

picture_043 I am also quite enjoying teaching and the challenges it brings – it keeps pushing me and helps me understand myself. I hope I can keep having this good combination of teaching, performing and research. A varied life is what I have always wanted.

Due Corde

concert3 … had a successfull 2009 with many concerts in a variety of venues. The photo was taken in the spring at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.
In 2010 Due Corde will travel to Denmark to perform in August. A number of concerts are also planned for London during the spring term. Snippets from concert recordings from the past year will hopefully be up on my website before too long. Further details of our performance activities will also be available.